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Concord is a trans-disciplinary collective, an artist-run gallery, an international residency program, and a home in Cypress Park, Los Angeles. For the month of July 2013, Concord traveled from Los Angeles to New Orleans on a school bus that was converted into a library, gathering place and home.

The first event of P.S. 1010 was an informal weekend conference on art, education, and social space at thier space in Cypress Park, Los Angeles. Twenty artists, community organizers, educators, and students were invited to join and lead discussions about their practice. Based around the themes of Collectivity, Social Practice, Education and Space, they used these meetings to gather local knowledge and connect diverse contexts -- situating learning as thier central subject and approaching it from perspectives informed by art, education, community, ecology, geography, architecture, and more. These meetings and conversations will inspire the first pages of thier evolving syllabus, which will act as an archive of past events and experiences as well as a manual for future action. They will disseminate and re-make this syllabus as they travel across the country, engaging the dynamic space of the school bus, gallery, and open road.

Concords opening reception P.S. 1010: bus stop was held on July 13, 2013 at Good Children Gallery. Concord hosted a workshop featuring Sara Quinn (Discovery Learning), Sara Leikin (Homer A Plessy Community School),Eirik Schmertmann (Movement Improvisation), Arjuna Neuman (Memory Safari & Misuse of Space), Marco Franco di Domenico (Oral History), Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal (Collective Writing & Revision) and Brigitte Nicole Grice (Arts, Education & Power of Silence) at Good Children Gallery on July 14, 2013.


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