Site Installation
Landscape Architecture

Another Axon uses the conventions of an architectural axonometric drawing to make three-dimensional space with an ideal view of the installation seen from the top level of an adjacent, mudane parking garage.

Another Axon is composed of minimal art objects and a stand of twelve trees, all of which rely on contemporary reproduction strategies. The art sculptures are lifted from an open source 3D warehouse and range from Donald Judd’s Untitled (1961) to Carl Andre’s Slope (1968) while the artificial trees are constructed by carefully tracing other tree drawings from a landscape catalogue. The selection of materials for Another Axon reinforces the constructed, perfect axon view but also places emphasis on the “ordinary” in architecture. Three traditional exterior building materials used ubiquitously across the United States—vinyl siding, EIFS (a synthetic stucco), and artificial turf—are playfully distorted through orientation, color, and application.

Design Team: Jennifer Bonner (Principal), Daniela Leon, Dohyun Lee, Siobhan Feehan Miller
Fabrication Team: Jin Jin Chiu, Christian Gonzales, Youngjin Song, Estelle Yoon, Evan Farley, Aaron Hill, Brad Silling, Carlo Urmy, Bryan Ortega-Welch, Jan Kwan, Justin Jiang, Lanisha Blount
Photography: Patrick Heagney
Structural Engineer: Evan Hankin