Site Installation
Landscape Architecture

Circuit Breaker is a proposal for a brown field site in Ulsan, South Korea. This proposal was featured in the 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism International Studios. Circuit Breaker proposes that citizens of the modern industrial city must reclaim rest as a defining characteristic of humanity. In Ulsan South Korea, a city defined by industrial productivity for the country, Circuit Breaker takes cues from the Korean tradition of jimjilbang public bathing culture. Seeking to build a connective circuit for rest and pleasure that, in its form, daylights natural and industrial systems in the landfill buffer in between the SK Energy Petrochemical facility to the south, a residential district of Ulsan to the west, steep hillsides to the east, and the Taehwa River to the north.  An indoor/outdoor jimjilbang unfolded over the course of a 2 kilometer circuit bridges these edge conditions, allowing new connections to the river system, as well as awareness of flood management infrastructure and industrial water routes. This circuit path corresponds with a closed loop of radiant heat energy in the form of steam extracted from SK Energy. Along the circuit are strategically positioned landscape architecture interventions that uses binaries of exercise and rest, fuel and food, the health of a citizen and the health of city to create outdoor pleasure pools and plazas, seasonal and industrial educational novelty and traditional sauna culture of the jimjilbang.

Design Team: Dana Kash and Siobhan Feehan Miller